About Us

Kathryn Brown and Jody Simpson,
founders of High Heel Huntress.

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Mission Statement

The mission of High Heel Huntress is to provide women with outdoor and leisure wear that offers state of the art functionality and extreme comfort in a stylish way. Our high heel patterned apparel is tailored to a women’s body and has the same performance as men’s active wear. We believe if women feel good and look good, they will be further empowered to enjoy the outdoors, explore the creations of the world, and respect the spirit of nature.


Our second goal at High Heel Huntress is to be able to give back to our community. We support many organizations that are close to our hearts including: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Child Protective Services, The Breast Cancer Charities of America, and many more. We know that every little bit counts in making a difference.

About Us

High Heel Huntress LLC was founded by good friends Kathryn Brown and Jody Simpson. The outdoor experience has always been a part of both of their busy lives. They enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, boating and many other nature-loving pursuits with their husbands and children. They share a passion for the outdoors.... and a love for fashion.

However, buying adequate women's hunting clothing was a frustrating and disappointing endeavor. Most women's hunting clothing looks just like men's and the fit isn't complimentary. It doesn't have to be that way. They believe you can hunt like a man and look like a woman. So they decided to create their own line of women's hunting and casual wear. High Heel Huntress is a lifestyle brand that is functional, fits well, and looks fashionable. It started by rethinking camouflage to be whimsical and fun.

High Heel Huntress' high heel camo print is out of the box, but it is created to blend with nature and function as an actual camouflage for hunting. The next level of design was to use state of the art fabrics that keep you comfortable. The outerwear pieces are lightweight or heavyweight to protect you in wet, cold or extreme cold winter weather conditions. The casual knits keep you cooler and dryer for fitness or keep you warm and cozy for layering under the outerwear pieces or for relaxing. Then of course, equally important is the great fit for a woman's frame.

Kathryn and Jody are excited to be your source for outdoor wear that is functional, fashionable and fun!

  • Animal: Oryx
  • Weapon: 25-06
  • Distance: 100 Yards
  • Location: Simpson Ranch - Bedias, TX
Women shooting wildebeast
  • Animal: Wildebeest
  • Weapon: 7 Mag
  • Distance: 230 Yards
  • Location: South Africa
woman hunting trophy buffalo
  • Animal: Buffalo
  • Weapon: .50 cal Black Powder Muzzle Loader
  • Distance: 60 Yards
  • Location: Triple X Ranch - Dalhart, TX

  • Animal: Antelope
  • Weapon: .270 Rifle
  • Distance: 120 Yards
hunting trophy buffalo
  • Animal: Buffalo
  • Weapon: .357 Remington
  • Distance: 100 Yards
  • Location: Long X Ranch