When we constructed and designed High Heel Huntress apparel; function and fit were at the core of our inspiration.

Whether you are embarking upon a stag hunting adventure in New Zealand, a hiking excursion in the Rocky Mountains, or a wild boar hunt at your deer lease; we know how essential it is to have great technical performance and comfort from your outdoor gear.

Our philosophy for comfort at High Heel Huntress is that being distracted from being too hot, too cold, or merely uncomfortable detracts from the overall outdoor experience.

What does MOISTURE WICKING mean?

The garment draws moisture away from the skin to keep you dry.  The moisture is dispersed from the inside of our clothing and drawn to the outside where it evaporates.

What does it mean if a garment is Antimicrobial?

It helps reduce odors and assists in reducing the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold. 

What is special about the Durability of our clothes?

We use a specialized stitching for increased flexibility and strength.

What are our Mobility Enhancing features?

Our poly/spandex construction allows for freedom of movement and unrestricted range of motion.

Why is Thermal Fleece the superior material in outdoor gear?

You can enjoy the colder activities without the weight due to our fleece lining which traps warm air between the fabric filaments, which is then released back to the body.

What is the Compression capability?

Our lightweight and 4way stretch construction provides the perfect balance of comfort and compression to improve mobility and maintain shape and memory.

Are our clothes Water Resistant?

Yes, the outer shells of our jackets are made of water repellent microfiber that is safe, sturdy and quiet in motion.  You are sure to stay warm and dry in the elements.

What makes clothes Breathable?

Many of our fabrics and insulations are great for layering because they are breathable and ultra-lightweight.  It absorbs and releases moisture quickly allowing the fabric to “breathe”. 

Woman’s Fit

During our process of designing and constructing the High Heel Huntress brand, the owners and developers spent countless hours sourcing fabrics and fitting models to ensure an excellent fit for all body types and sizes.

Below are some of the features of our clothing that make our fit so unique:

DROPPED AND DEEP WAISTBANDSallows for tummy control and body shaping which enhances comfort.
RUCHINGprovides extreme comfort, is flattering, and helps prevent rolling of the waistband.
CONSTRUCTIONour mid and heavy weight items are constructed with ease of movement in mind, therefore, we have detailed seams in the elbows, shoulders, and knees.
DESIGNfabrics are chosen to accentuate a women’s figure in the correct places, for example, the use of vertical ribbing, gathering seam at the waist line to bring the figure in, and longer tail in the back on the jackets.

The owners are women hunters themselves so sacrificing fit for style was not an option. Bringing fit, function, and femininity to our audience without sacrificing on any of these points, has made us at High Heel Huntress very proud. We are committed to standing true to these 3 characteristics as we develop and design more products for the women who enjoy the outdoors and an active lifestyle!


because as women, we know that style counts too